Why We’re Better for Health Systems

Billing, reimbursement and claims processing is a complex process for health systems – and one that will only increase in intricacy as new payment models are implemented. TriZetto Provider Solutions™, formerly ClaimLogic, understands that you need a strong partner to simplify your revenue cycle management, so you can get paid quickly and accurately, while reducing administrative hassles.


TriZetto Provider Solutions is the trusted revenue cycle management partner for many of the largest and most respected health systems in the United States. Our tools track claims performance; identify opportunities to help maximize your revenue, automate claims and billing processes; reduce the number of days claims spend in accounts receivable and save staff time and frustration.


We offer a single system that manages both institutional claims and professional claims, bringing all claims data together in one place. This enables robust reporting capabilities that support better patient population management and give you healthcare business intelligence to make smart financial decisions.